Cure for the Crabbity

Crabbity Morning
Crabbity Morning

Ever wake up crabbity? You know what I’m asking, even if you’re uncertain about the word.

I planned to take full credit for inventing crabbity, but after checking some sources found the Scottish adjective crabbit meaning grumpy or annoyed—more or less like crabby.

What I wanted was a word to define a milder, less cantankerous state. So here’s the difference: while the crabby grouse at you until they have a cup of coffee or a shower, crabbity people aren’t aggressive. They just whine about the light or how cold it is. They burrow in deeper and try to ignore the world.

I confess to being crabbity. I have a bad relationship with alarm clocks unless it’s Saturday and I’ve slept in. And singing “This is the day that the Lord has made” only 14.3 percent of the time isn’t exactly a success in the joyful noise department.

But I got a Christmas present that changed my mornings.

Extremely fragile and yet durable, it’s one of the few things you can take out of this life. It’s the stuff of relationships and scores high in the legacy department too.

Of course, I’m talking about the gift of love. And guess what.

It comes in cans.

My husband and I received a coffee can decorated with ribbons and sea shells and filled with love in the form of tiny hand-written notes. Tied in pairs, one for each of us, there were enough for a couple of months of morning smiles.

Love in a Can

Love in a Can

Our granddaughter did all the writing and decoration, but the younger one’s fingerprints are all over his messages—things like “I love you because…you play Legos with me,” or “I love you because…you rake leaves for me to jump in.” Her notes revealed more mature sentiments like “I love you because…you raised my Mommy,” and “I love you because…you are interested in my life.”

I smile every morning when John brings me my daily dose of canned love. I savor both of our notes to the last sweet drop. Then, I get up with a smile, or even a song.

The anticipation of a note from their special can or box could make mornings easier for crabbity child and mom alike. Or maybe your spouse wakes up well, but could use a little tender encouragement.

There are lots of places to leave love notes. I’ve hidden them in lunch boxes with small treats, propped them against the pillow, and even put one in the freezer with the food I left when I was going out of town.

Love notes can deepen and add fun to our relationships, change your morning or your life.

Do you have a cure for the crabbity? Where do you hide special notes?


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